Sustainable production and economical handling of raw materials and nature we find important. We therefore allow our products to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible and packaged.

Condoms are made of natural rubber latex. When latex condoms are no longer protected by a package, they perish themselves into dust. Latex comes from the rubber tree. We encourage producers to bring as much biodiversity as possible into their latex plantations.

All boxes and covers are printed on FSC paper or recycled paper. Condoms are packed in aluminum foil. Aluminum is not recyclable. To date, aluminum offers the best protection for the condom.

Our factories are BSCI certified. This means that we strive for optimal safety, protection and fair payment for employees and sustainable production.

BSCI certification

Our factories are audited by BSCI. BSCI stands for 'Business Social Compliance Initiative'. BSCI is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA). The FTA aims for sustainable production chain management. The purpose of the BSCI is to allow companies to work according to the Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct helps companies to work socially and responsibly freedom of association, duration of work and overtime, non-discrimination, child labor and forced labor, special protection for young workers, minimum wages, provision of safe and healthy workplaces, environmental protection and no job insecurity.

FSC certification

Our condom packs are FCS certified. This means that the paper comes from wood from forests that are managed sustainably. These forests provide, among other things, sufficient biodiversity, protection of watercourses and the safety of forest workers. The FSC certification checks whether companies adhere to the rules. Of course we use as much recycled paper as possible.