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Skin Glyde lubricant 100ml

A sensual massage that will slowly turn into intimate pleasure! Using Skin Glyde will become addictive, be warned!



Soft Skin 36 condoms - More Comfort

More fun and so easy to use! Due to the special shape, Soft Skin condoms are very easy to put on and they're extra comfortable.



Thin Skin 36 condoms - More Sensation

Maximum feeling, maximum enjoyment! Thin Skin condoms give you the maximum feeling that makes your love making the best experience ever.



Wingman 12 condoms with easy 'wing' applicator

Wingman condoms are quick and easy to apply with the handy roll-off wing applicator.


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An exciting, enjoyable and safe sex life.

Reliable products of high quality and sustainable production. That is what MoreAmore stands for. MoreAmore makes condoms and lubricants with just that little bit more. Every MoreAmore product makes its use more enjoyable, fun or more exciting.