"EASY", that's the big advantage of a Wingman condom. The condom comes rolled up and packed in a plaiable plastic 'wing' with which you can unroll the condom with one hand.

Wingman lubricants on a silicone basis make sex more enjoyable and are safe to use with Wingman condoms.


Wingman 3 condoms with easy 'wing' applicator

Wingman condoms are quick and easy to apply with the handy roll-off wing applicator.


Wingman benefits:

  • Unroll with "ONE" hand
  • The condom is always the right side up
  • No air left behind in the reservoir 
Wingman won a prestigious IF design award for this innovation. Before, it was only companies such as Apple and BMW that won this award!

Wingman condoms are revolutionary condoms because you can put one on with 1 hand in 2 seconds.

How does it work?
You grab the Wingman by its 'wings' and roll the condom off with it until the wings let go and... well, have fun!

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