Lubricants have a number of great advantages. They make sex more fun and help prevent the condom from tearing.

Lubricant & Condooms

When using a condom, friction occurs. Condoms use standard lubricants to absorb this friction and ensure that the condom stays intact. The more lubricant the better. It is therefore always advisable to use an additional lubricant when using condoms.

Lubricant & Latex

Not all lubricants are suitable for use with latex condoms. Waterbased or siliconebased lubricants are safe to use with latex condoms. Products that contain oil can damage the latex, causing the condom to break. So think about it, massage oil, body lotion, vaseline and even lipstick can damage the condom.

If you are not sure if a product is safe, you can always test it yourself. Blow up a condom until it is about 30 cm in height and put a knot at the end. Now spread the product on the condom. If the product contains oil, the condom will burst immediately.

Lubricant & Massages

A romantic massage can be done safely when using a massage lubricant such as MoreAmore Skin Glyde. The massage fluid that is left on your skin and hands will not damage the latex condom.

Lubricant & Vaginal Dryness

Using a lubricant makes sex more fun and exciting. Also, the lubricant helps against vaginal dryness. This can occur due to stress, pregnancy or even during the menopause. Therefore when using a lubricant this will help you make sex fun and enjoyable.

Lubricant & Anal sex

The vagina produces its own moisture, the anus doesn't do this. When you're going to have anal sex, it's better to use a siliconebased lubricant such as MoreAmore Skin Glyde.
When you're using waterbased lubricants, the water evaporates due to the friction that develop, then you have to apply extra lubricant. A silicone based lubricant contains no water, therefore this has a long lasting effect, making it more suitable for anal use.